From Mental to Physical, the benefits of dancing Ballroom and Latin are near endless. Here are just a few…


  • Ballroom Dancing is a preferred activity among those who have high-stress careers, for example doctors or attorneys. This is because those who ballroom dance find it very easy to release their tension on the ballroom floor. Combining this with all the associated health benefits, it’s easy to see why Ballroom Dancing is a popular past time!
  • Dancing is the ultimate activity for those in a relationship who are looking for a new, fun, energetic activity to do with their companion. There is a popular saying on the dance floor; ‘Those who sway together, stay together!’
  • Unlike many other popular activities, ballroom dancing is not something your body ‘ages’ out of . Whether you a person is 9 or 99, ballroom dancing is a universal language that once learned, will be remembered for a lifetime.


  • Gain that look of confidence! Ballroom dancing encourages great posture and tall body alignment, and will aid in strengthening your body’s core abdominal muscles.
  • Burning calories becomes easy work. Studies have shown that a proper waltz done three times per week is better than the same amount of time on a treadmill or exercise bike! Tell that to your fitness trainer!
  • In addition, benefits of dancing ballroom and Latin give you a total body workout in terms of your core strength, upper body posture and endurance, along with amazing cardiovascular benefits that keep your heart healthy and active.
  • The American Heart Association conducted a study showing that the amount of oxygen a person’s lungs pumped into their bloodstream rose by 18 percent in cardiac patients who ballroom danced


  • Studies show Ballroom  and Latin dancing reduces the risk of Dementia. The Einstein aging study has proven that participants who ballroom danced two to three times a week reduced their risk of Dementia by 76 percent. Keep your mind sharp and focused!
  • Dancing is proven to reduce stress levels and decrease levels of depression. Ballroom dancing also reduces cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Dancing releases endorphin chemicals that boosts your mood and lifts your spirits!

If you aren’t convinced of how much dancing can truly benefit you, try our Free Dance Lesson and see for yourself why partner dancing here at Ballroom Addiction can change your life for the better. You’ll be glad that you did!