Dance Certification

Want to be a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor?

At Ballroom Addiction, our Dance Instructor Certification Program is taught exclusively by Ron Yee. Besides serving as Ballroom Addiction Dance Director, Ron Yee was a contributor and editor of the DVIDA Syllabus. DVIDA is the only system of learning nationally recognized by the NDCA. Today, Ron Yee’s ballroom brilliance is being utilized in ballroom studios, coast to coast.

If you are looking for your next career, and enjoy the passion and artistry that is ballroom dancing, we highly encourage you to consider our tuition-based instructor program!

Below you can read more about the level of instruction we offer, and what you can expect in your individual lessons. Have further questions? Shoot us an e-mail, or give us a call at (702) 331-7711.

What sets Ballroom Addiction Dance Certification apart from other studio training programs?

– While most studios offer Dance certification programs in a ‘Group Class’ format, we at Ballroom Addiction take a different approach. Being firm believers in attention to detail, our instructor certification courses are all one-on-one, private lesson format.

– With our exclusive one-on-one instructor training, individuals will receive the absolute best in training, and
personal attention to fine-tune every aspect of their teaching style and dance technique.
We place special emphasis on the following fundamentals:

  • Posture and top-line shaping
  • Footwork and foot positions
  • Lead & follow
  • Timing, musicality and expression
  • Cuban motion and Latin movement
  • Muscle isolation
  • Pattern recognition and identification
  • Rise & Fall – Sway
  • Overall body flight for Smooth and Standard

– Make no mistake, instructor training at Ballroom Addiction is geared toward making sure you are passing your
certification exams and getting your dance career started!

The most comprehensive training in the state, available only at Ballroom Addiction.

At Ballroom Addiction, dance instructor certification training is of the highest caliber. We specialize in offering the
BEST instruction in the state of Nevada, to help you improve at an effective pace through Bronze, Silver and Gold certification levels, and utilized the DVIDA syllabus in all training. Want to learn more about the DVIDA system of learning? Click the link below!
We offer Dance Instructor Training in the following dance styles and levels:

American Smooth: Bronze, silver and gold.
American Rhythm: Bronze, silver and gold.
International Standard: Bronze, silver & gold.
International Latin: Bronze, silver & gold

What type of time commitment am I looking at?
Training can be done for any dance level or individual dance.
To properly be trained, most students require any where between 80-250 sessions, being broken down into 45-minute individual lessons. However, training will go as long as needed per individual student.
Individual classes are 100% tailored around your schedule for your convenience and retention rate.

Instructor certifications exams are broken down into three different parts.
Dance demonstration of leading & following of all figures toward a specific style and level. (40%)
Verbal explanation of each dance figure and its specifications. (30%)
General teaching method and theory. (30%)

At Ballroom Addiction, we won’t just show you how to instruct; we will prepare you to pass your certification exams
with flying colors! Unlike other studio’s offerings where students fail and fail again, our students are trained from the
very start with the proper goals in mind.

Learn from the best… Dance like the best.
Does a career in dance instruction interest you? It can happen here! Ballroom Addiction’s staff training uses the
highly esteemed DVIDA Dance Certification Program. We are more than ready to impart the wisdom and skills needed to become a certified professional dance instructor. Feel free to call us at (702) 331-7711 or visit our Contact Page with any additional questions or if you would like to setup an appointment to learn more!